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Quality for Life
Frantz Medical Group (FMG) has been transforming innovative concepts into commercially successful medical devices, both electromechanical and disposable products, since 1979. As an ISO 13485‑certified, FDA‑registered medical device company engaged in development and in-house innovation, FMG offers inventors and early-stage companies the infrastructure to design, verify, and transfer to production new medical devices efficiently and cost‑effectively

Integrated Companies – Extensive Resources
FMG is an integrated group of companies dedicated to the development and manufacturing of medical devices and diagnostics, and the support of related independent companies in similar fields through direct investments, investments through our Venture Capital Fund and providing operational support.

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Innovative Product Design Solutions

We have developed a broad range of unique, patented medical devices in the fields of:

  • fluid dynamics – pumping and sensing (endoscopy and enteral nutrition)
  • filtration (diagnostics)
  • tissue resection (LASIK microkeratome)
  • tissue penetration and manipulation (laparoscopy, ECG electrodes)
  • instrument sterilization
  • catheters
  • cervical dysplasia treatment
  • orthopedics (systems to secure both soft and hard tissues)

Quality, Cost-Effective Manufacturing

We use the latest design tools to maintain a competitive edge – from our SolidWorks® based 3-D modeling to our analytical expertise in Risk Analysis / FMEA, tolerance stack-ups, DOE and DFM.

Close Tolerance/Precision Products are Our Specialty

At Frantz Tool & Design we strive to provide excellent value for our customers. Whether you are looking for a new supplier for an existing product or you have a new concept/product, we can help.

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