Frantz Medical Development Product Design

Research, Engineering and Manufacturing

FMG’s manufacturing capabilities include high-volume injection molding, assembly, inspection, and packaging – with both clean room and open manufacturing areas. For high volume products, FMG designs products for later-stage automation, and has implemented in-house automation, lowering labor requirements and per-piece costs.


In-house designed and manufactured medical devices and parts

We have developed a broad range of unique, patented medical devices in the fields of:

  • fluid dynamics – pumping and sensing (endoscopy and enteral nutrition)
  • filtration (diagnostics)
  • tissue resection (LASIK microkeratome)
  • tissue penetration and manipulation (laparoscopy, ECG electrodes)
  • Instrument sterilization
  • Catheters
  • Cervical dysplasia treatment
  • orthopedics (systems to secure both soft and hard tissues)

We are particularly skilled in plastics technology. Our knowledge of engineered plastics, intricate mold design and molding techniques has been demonstrated by our track record of developing high-performance plastics devices in fields traditionally restricted to metal parts.

Our rapid prototyping and rapid tooling capabilities enhance the iterative process of design refinement based upon product testing in the lab and the clinical setting.